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Dear SOHL Members,

Are you interested in volunteering your time with a SOHL Board Committee? We are looking for motivated, reliable healthcare professionals to assist with various events and initiatives. These tasks could include (but are not limited to):

  • Events Creation: Helping develop ideas for and project managing SOHL programs (educational and networking)
  • Event Logistics: Day-of-event registration, set up, tear-down, and other logistics at events
  • Creative Writing: Developing healthcare blogs for SOHL
  • Marketing: Assistance with social media presence, taking photos at events, managing
  • Membership: Spreading the word about SOHL at internal and external events
  • Administration: Tabulate evaluations, writing thank you letters, and other administrative support tasks
  • Research and Data Support: Working with ACHE and local resources to gather information on our membership, events, local partners, etc.
  • Create your Own Role: Do you see gaps in our events, membership, or offerings, and you have skills you can use to assist in improving SOHL? We’d love to hear your ideas!

What’s in it for me?

Volunteering with your local professional organization could not only create a meaningful addition to your resume but can help you develop relationships with other healthcare professionals in the field. We track progress and time devoted by all our volunteers. If volunteers work well with the team and offer value, there is a great chance of formal roles on the Board in the future if you so choose.


San Diego Organization of Healthcare Leaders

We Greatly Appreciate the Support of Our Sponsors