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For over two decades, San Diego Organization of Healthcare Leaders (SOHL) has been a leading independent Chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). During this time, SOHL has been recognized nationally over the years for its commitment to lead with excellence, developing healthcare leaders to last a lifetime, and ensuring all communities have an equal opportunity to advance their careers. These recognitions from ACHE are listed below.

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  • 2021 – Awards program suspended for 2020 activities due to the pandemic response
  • 2020 – Fifth Distinction Award
  • 2019 – First Award for Sustained Performance
  • 2018 – First Award for Chapter Excellence
  • 2017 – Fourth Distinction Award
  • 2016 – Sixth Chapter Merit
  • 2015 – Fifth Chapter Merit Award
  • 2014 – Fourth Chapter Merit Award
  • 2013 – Third Chapter Merit Award, Third Chapter Innovation Grant for a Mid-Careerist Educational Program the SOHL Executive Program
  • 2012 – Third Chapter Distinction Award
  • 2011 – Second Chapter Distinction Award
  • 2010 – Second Chapter Merit Award
  • 2009 – First Chapter Distinction Award
  • 2008 – First Chapter Merit Award

San Diego Organization of Healthcare Leaders

SOHL received the ACHE Chapter Excellence Award for member service and programs in 2019
SOHL 2018 President Darrell Atkin receives the Chapter Excellence Award from ACHE 2019 Chair Heather Rohan, FACHE

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