President’s Message – March 2020

President’s Message

Greeting SOHL Members and Supporters,

As we write this letter to our SOHL members and supporters, we find ourselves in the midst of a significant public health crisis. As parents, students, co-workers, healthcare providers, and members of our San Diego health care community, there is cause for concern and for caution.

There is also a reason for confidence in our health system. On a local and national level, our excellent health care systems are doing their best to prepare. We can all contribute to help contain the spread of the virus and care for those impacted by following the CDC guidelines on public gatherings and social distancing, as well as proper hygiene including proper handwashing.

Yes, we also need to take common-sense precautions which means that our SOHL Chapter will immediately suspend all face-to-face educational and networking activities. However, we won’t simply stop our programming. We intend to utilize the digital tools available to us to make sure we stay true to our mission–advancing leaders and the field of healthcare management excellence with an unwavering commitment to educate, engage and inspire our members as they lead and serve hospitals and healthcare organizations.

On a larger scale, we are witnessing what Americans do best: People coming together to care for one another. Time after time in our history, we are a people that can put aside difference and come together based on the realities of the moment.

We will work to provide continuous updates of our activities and will also welcome input from our membership as to how we can best assist you during this challenging time. When the SOHL newsletter comes out in another three months, it will be in a changed world. Until then, we are reminded of how essential our healthcare systems are and the critical roles you play. On behalf of SOHL, we stand together to approach this health crisis in a way that can help impact the best outcomes.

And ultimately, we will work to support the leaders and front-line staff as they prepare to treat those who are in greatest need of care.


Dasha, Johan, and Darrell