President’s Message – Spring 2018


President’s Message – March 2018

As we approach this year’s ACHE Annual Congress in Chicago, I am very pleased to have the opportunity to participate in a national organization that is creating a positive impact on delivering quality care, building a culture of safety, and enhancing the patient experience across the continuum of care. The sessions and the speakers at Congress will be inspiring and give members the opportunity to get involved in their communities by sharing knowledge and practical applications to address the challenges we face in a changing healthcare environment.

Closer to home, I am honored to report that our SOHL Chapter has received the ACHE Award of Chapter Distinction and the Award for Sustained Performance. Whereas it’s always great to be awarded and recognized with such a high honor for performance in 2017 from ACHE, there is much more to the story.

Our chapter is unique in that our performance is not just being sustained but continues to improve over time. It is only through the commitment of our board, chapter members, and volunteers that allows us to deliver such quality programming. Our calendar is full of valuable programs and events that enrich the path to professional development.

That level of performance simply cannot be accomplished without teamwork. I know “teamwork” is an often overused term, but the San Diego SOHL chapter exemplifies the concept. Thanks to the efforts of previous chapter leaders, our chapter is characterized by diversity and giving people at all stages of their career the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and contribute. We get fantastic involvement from our VA and military health communities and we welcome technology and service innovators—along with our hospital and health system members—to get involved in helping us craft quality education, networking, career advancement, and community service programs.

We also welcome the involvement of complementary organizations across southern California—HCE, HIMSS, HFMA and others—to provide a comprehensive series of valuable communications and educational opportunities to members. We are also grateful for our team of committed sponsors who help underwrite these efforts.

Our culture of inclusion has helped us build a thriving team here in San Diego. We would welcome the opportunity to have your involvement—please contact me or any Board member to find out how.

Please keep up to date with us on our SOHL Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram pages, as well as our website, We also send out weekly emails, so keep an eye out for those as well. Thank you again for your engagement, your ideas, and your commitment to ACHE and your profession this year.


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