President’s Message – December 2018


President’s Message: Year in Review

Thanks to the hard work of our board, volunteers, and chapter members, SOHL (the San Diego chapter of ACHE) has emerged as a thriving and dynamic chapter. Our chapter is consistently recognized on the national level for both sustained performance and innovation.

What makes us unique is that in addition to helping to prepare the next generation of health care leaders, we are doing so with an eye as to what the next phase of health care will look like. It will certainly be more diverse and with an increased priority on meeting the needs and expectations of the healthcare consumer. Care will be delivered with a sharpened focus on an improved experience for patients and families. Further, we anticipate a new focus on “caring for the caregiver” as it is even more essential that our staff is both engaged and safe in the workplace. New technologies will be embraced, but at the same time, we understand that no technology can take the place of the human touch which provides compassionate care.

We are fortunate to be here in San Diego—a city that provides the right environment and work force to support a wide range of organizations across the healthcare spectrum. Our hospitals are recognized leaders in experience and outcomes in addition to research and innovation. Our community is supported by growing numbers of technology, device and diagnostics, biotech companies, and more. We are also fortunate to have a community of higher education partners like SDSU, UCSD, National University, University of Phoenix, and the University of St. Augustine.

As such, it is this community that is motivating and supporting our annual programs that provide essential knowledge transfer, professional development, and peer-to-peer networking events. Our list of achievements and programs is too long to list here—and the number of people who devote countless hours to organizing and producing these even longer.

It has been my great honor to serve as President working together with a truly world class board. The characteristics and attributes that unite our board are that they are high-achievers, committed to purpose, possessed of integrity, innovators, and team players. I am deeply grateful to have had this opportunity and will look forward to supporting our incoming president, Dasha Dahdouh, and our 2019 Board as the best is yet to come.


Darrell Atkin

Chapter President


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