President’s Message – June 2020

President’s Message


These are challenging and unusual times.  We are in the grips of a world changing pathogen; unrest fills city streets around the world; hospitals and health systems face financial challenges like never before; health system and front-line leaders devote extraordinary efforts to support the physical and mental health well-being of their staff; while the re-opening of the economy creates even greater uncertainty.

Despite this disruption, one constant is the singular commitment and focus of our healthcare community in San Diego and Imperial Counties.  Just today, there was a lengthy feature in the New York Times illustrating some extreme challenges faced by the El Centro Regional Medical Center.  A health system serving a population straddling the border between the US and Mexico in a largely agricultural area, the hospital has been overwhelmed by returning citizens and green card holders who have delayed care—leading to swelling numbers of new, and very sick COVID-19 patients.  Urgently, hospitals from around the state, local fire, paramedics and first responders, and California’s emergency medical services authority acted quickly to volunteer beds, transport patients, and provide care.  “I am afraid there are no borders when it comes to a pandemic like this,” said Adolphe Edward, CEO of Centro Regional Medical Center.  “We are together as one community, whether Americans, dual citizens, or Mexicans.”

This effort is representative of stories that we hear every day about our health institutions in California—and SOHL and the other ACHE chapters from around the state are honored to support these efforts.

So, what is the expectation for SOHL in a time like this?  The short answer is that we need to focus and follow our mission and do what we are good at.  We will focus on providing the resources and support for early careerists to develop the skills necessary to lead into healthcare’s future in the days, months, and years ahead.  We will continue to provide programming to highlight the latest technologies and solutions to streamline the delivery of care.  We will focus on communicating strategies that will lead to enhanced experience of care for patients while supporting and engaging front line care givers.

Although we are still avoiding large gathering in face-to-face meetings, we have been actively working to provide a series of informational events via Zoom that will suffice until we can safely return to a regular schedule.

Until then, please stay safe and healthy.