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Founded in 2001, the San Diego Organization of Healthcare Leaders (SOHL) is an official combined chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), an international professional society of more than 30,000 healthcare executives. SOHL offers an environment for continual growth and professional development, and building relationships among peers and industry leaders at the local level. Our members represent healthcare leaders in all sectors of the healthcare industry.

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SOHL Mission, Vision and Core Values

The Vision of SOHL is to be the leading professional membership society for all current and future healthcare leaders in San Diego and Imperial Counties.

The Mission of SOHL is to advance our members’ professional excellence and thereby advance the healthcare industry.

The Core Values of SOHL are: Professional Development, Networking, Innovation, and Mentoring

Enriching the Path of Professional Development

With the average person’s work life spanning seven different careers, the smart working professional knows to look beyond what their employer alone can provide for professional development. Leaders in today’s healthcare environment also know that change is a constant. The best way to be prepared for what lies ahead is to cultivate relationships, seek out learning environments, and keep your eyes on the future.